Fuji Film
Yeni Referansımız Fuji Film Türkiye
Yeni Referansımız Fuji Film Türkiye

Fujifilm, the largest producer of photography and imaging devices of the world, has started to directly manage its operations in Turkey as of June 1, 2012, under the name of Fujifilm Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

Fujifilm, which has adopted its global strategy of fast growth in medical systems, graphic systems, industrial products, digital camera and photography printing products also to Turkish market, targets to make a difference with its assertive technologies.

The success of Fujifilm is supported with the principles of "providing solutions for increasing the life quality of its customers", "being sensitive for customers, employees and the society", and "managing the operations with clear, fair and transparent management approach". The company aims to contribute to the development of industrial and technological structure in Turkey with the same perspective and actively supports 'presentation of products and solutions that will meet the market's requirements'.

Aiming to make a difference in Turkish market with its assertive technologies, Fujifilm shoulders a great responsibility both against public health and environment with its solutions in Medical Systems and Graphic Systems and the company reserves a significant amount of its revenues for R&D investments.

With its distribution networks in Turkey and technical staff that are expert in their fields, Fujifilm provides service throughout the entire country in order to offer the fastest solutions to its partners and the company always delivers service by taking the customer satisfaction and principles of trust into consideration. With its entire technological knowledge, Fujifilm aims to be one of the pioneers of change in Turkey.

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